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DIRECTV and Los Angeles: a match made in heaven

Los Angeles leads the world in the creation of motion pictures, television shows, video games and recorded music. One out of every six Los Angeles citizens works in a creative industry. It’s no wonder L.A. is known as the entertainment capital of the world.

It really only makes sense for the leaders of the entertainment industry to have their homes equipped with the #1 satellite television service. DIRECTV is more than 18 million customers strong, with more people making the switch every day. Get back what you put into entertaining the world. Choose DIRECTV National City.

You deserve the best, Los Angeles

Don’t settle for a mediocre television service. DIRECTV is the best out there in both service and quality. The facts speak for themselves:

  • DIRECTV has had higher customer satisfaction ratings than cable for more than a decade.
                    Among the largest national cable & satellite TV providers. 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index.
  • In one year, more people chose DIRECTV than the top 10 cable TV providers, combined.
                    Based on reported net TV basic subscriber data for Q3 2010 - Q2 2011.
  • Someone switches to DIRECTV every seven seconds.
                    Based on gross subscriber additions for Q3 2010-Q2 2011.

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